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You can now view the 13 original (and only) episodes of The Boy Scout Show created in the 1950’s.

These episodes are made available by Bob Perin’s son and are digital copies of the original 16 mm films that are in his possession. These educational films portray the fundamental concepts of Scouting as they were taught in the 1950’s and today. They are not only educational but they also represent a historical aspect of Scouting at the time the films were created.

We have gathered some historical data on Bob Perin’s involvement in the furthering of education and instruction within the Scouting community and made that data available here.

You can watch a preview of what the show has to offer by viewing the sample clips video below. If you like the trailer and would like to view an entire episode… CONTACT us.


This video has sample clips from two episodes: “Personal First Aid” & “Artificial Respiration”